Our Mission

“To provide an innovative, entertaining radio network of fun, educational and positive music and storytelling for Australian families with young children.”

Our Values

The Value of Music

At Funky Kids Radio we believe that the existence of positive, entertaining and educational music in children’s environments enhances play experiences, creates opportunities for development and helps foster happy, relaxed moods in children.

Childhood Development and Self-Esteem

Our music should support positive learning experiences and development of positive self esteem in children.


We live in a wonderfully diverse society and children benefit greatly from learning about the world through music and storytelling.


Storytelling is a major element of all cultures - at Funky Kids Radio we take it back to the basics with the oral tradition of storytelling - allowing children to use their imaginations to build their own mind pictures and learn valuable literacy skills.


 It’s all about balance. Children benefit from a balance of music, a balance of entertainment options and a balance of experiences.


Rachel and Michael Cooper are a husband and wife team who have collaborated together since they met in 2005 in Melbourne, Australia. Rachel is an experienced TV producer, having worked in community, corporate and commercial television and Michael is the Director of Performing Arts at a Melbourne P-12 school and possesses extensive experience in producing, directing and performing in musical theatre. Returning to her roots, Rachel has returned to FMCG marketing in a Melbourne-based marketing consulting firm.

Their most exciting project was to work together on a Vietnamese variety show in Ho Chi Minh City where, as producer and director, they were 'held hostage' while the business partners argued over rights! Their most wonderful project together has been raising three children which has, at times,  felt unnervingly similar!