We have been working since 2012 to bring beautiful music into families' homes and the journey has been an incredible joy. We have met some amazing artists, had some wicked fun and, to this day, are uncovering more great kids' music to share.


Over the past 12-18 months we have been working to find a way to continue operating that is compatible with our personal needs and we are pleased to announce that as of 1 July 2016 Funky Kids Radio will become a part of the School Broadcasting Network Inc (SBN).

You can still listen the same way you always have and will still enjoy the great artists, music and stories that we have built up over the years now with loads of new interesting content created by SBN.

SBN is a vibrant, energetic organisation that empowers young people to communicate their ideas, innovations and commitments for sharing culture and creating a sustainable and equitable future. SBN produces Primary Perspectives which we have been proud to broadcast over the past 4 years and also produce a massive range of other content including ‘‘Music Matters’, the ‘What’s Cooking Kids?’ series and cookbook, SwitchOn Magazine and most recently partnering with the Glynn Nicholas Group to roll out the ‘Song Contest – FutureVision’ songwriting competition for schools across Australia We are thrilled that Funky Kids Radio will become a part of SBN.

To our listeners – thanks for listening and enjoying Funky Kids Radio. I hope that it has bought joy and harmony into your home.

To the artists – continue making your beautiful music and bringing the joy and many benefits of music to families. It’s not an easy industry – but my great hope is that one day, children’s music achieves the respect and awareness enjoyed by children’s literature and that the quality and diversity of music available contributes to the happiness and development of more and more kids - especially those who can benefit from it most.

With love and melodies

Rachel and Michael

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