Annual Subscription


Annual Subscription


Your time to shine!

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Annual Subscription Package Includes

Program your own "Hour of Power" You choose the songs and you record the introductions. We put together your "Hour of Power" and play it when you want (max 6 plays).

A birthday shout-out on your special day We will send out a special shout-out to you on your birthday.
(broadcast at 7am and 4p(broadcast at 7am and 4pm in your time zone)

Special Thank You Certificate from Funky Kids Radio

Hall of Fame Your name (or a name you nominate) will be added to our Hall of Fame.

(Available for a period of 12 months from purchase)

[please note...the use of LEGO® figurines to demonstrate our packages does not represent support or alliance with LEGO® or any of it's properties]